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Colloquium Balticum XIII Rigense
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Colloquium Balticum is an annual conference that is organised by Northern European and Baltic classicists who study Greek and Latin Antiquity and its reception mainly in the Baltic region.


The COLLOQUIUM BALTICUM XIII RIGENSE addresses The humanists of Riga and the cultural heritage of Antiquity: texts and contexts. The conference is an official event of the European Capital of Culture 2014 – Rīga. The particular Colloquium will continue to explore the ideas and cultural heritage of Antiquity, identifying and inquiring into the nature of the Antiquity after Antiquity in the Baltic sea region. COLLOQUIUM BALTICUM XIII RIGENSE will pay a special attention this year to revelation and evaluation of the special role that Riga humanists had in the process of engagement with the ideas of Antiquity in the North-East Europe.



      The conferences are organized annually by the members of the Baltic Network of Classical Scholars.

      The network includes:

      Past conferences:

      Colloquium Balticum XII - Marburg 2013
      Colloquium Balticum XI - Lund 2012
      Colloquium Balticum X - Vilnius 2011
      Colloquium Balticum IX - Riga 2010
      Colloquium Balticum VIII - Vilnius 2008
      Colloquium Balticum VII - Tartu 2007
      Colloquium Balticum VI - Greifswald 2006
      Colloquium Balticum V - Lund 2005
      Colloquium Balticum IV - Riga 2004
      Colloquium Balticum III - Lund 2003
      Colloquium Balticum II - Greifswald 2002
      Colloquium Balticum I - Lund 2001